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Pyramid Strings is one of the oldest string manufacturers in the world dating back to 1850. Pyramid makes a wide variety of strings for just about every stringed instrument made and they also make pitch pipes.

I first became aware of Pyramid as the string supplier to Hofner, but I was keenly interested in their flatwound strings for electric guitars. What struck me immediately about these strings is their feel: Smooth. Plugged in, I was amazed at how balanced they sounded from the top string to the bottom, there were no bum notes, and the sustain was to die for! They ring long and true, but they were expensive and hard to come by. I could not find a single retailer here in Canada that sold them! I bought them on-line and during trips abroad, I would search out music stores for them.

Then opportunity came knocking: I could be a Pyramid dealer, and the price that I could import them at was fantastic! Believing in Pyramid's product for me was the clincher. I was sold, and you will be too.

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